Process simulation
Process simulation

Rheological and thermal simulation

A process simulation can predict the rheological behaviour of the filling process and the thermal budget of the mould. Process simulations have been supported for component and tool design since the company was founded. The two simulation systems CADMOULD and Moldex3D can cover the entire range of injection molding technologies from thermoplastics and thermosets to special technologies. The range of possible applications is huge and can be individually adjusted, enabling us to efficiently and agilely adapt the requirements to the customer's goals.


- Mould filling analyses
- Cascade injection moulding
- Binding seams and air inclusions
- Default behaviour
- Design of the mould temperature control
- Process optimization, troubleshooting
- Evaluation of hybrid or MuCell® assemblies
- Simulation strategy - simulation times
- Preparation of proposals for solutions
- Special processes - injection-compression moulding, 2-components, opening stroke, and much more

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